Wednesday, August 29, 2012

16757--And I Approve This Message

Unless you have made an effort to avoid their input, you have probably heard more than a few politicians spewing forth more mind-clouding rhetoric.  They're going to say whatever they think they need to at any given time to get what they want out of you.  That means you may hear them profess opposite beliefs on a subject at any time, take credit for things Congress does and shift blame away for things they've said and done.  This is what they're paid to do, often by the same people (bankers) or people related to each other (more bankers).  The ones who do it best are paid the best.  Politicians like to be given money and the best ones stay bought.

That's as close as you'll get to them being honest.  Yes, this is the front desk with your wake up call.

The War on Drugs has cost you a lot of money while drugs have continued to proliferate and more people have ended up in prisons (which continue to be built faster than schools).  The War on Drugs was not a failure. It's been putting money and drugs right where it was planned to with a social engineering cherry on top.

Unemployment sucks.  It isn't a bold statement at all.  It's a great rally point for politicians because they know that you will agree with it.  All they have to do is convince you that they will fix it.  People who are able to work should be able to earn enough to provide a comfortable living for themselves and their families in a successful economy.  You know it.  We all know it.  Presidential candidates like to give the impression that they can create jobs.  Unless those politicians are using their personal wealth to start hiring people (certainly, many of them could afford to, but don't), they can't create jobs.  That's not a president's job.  We don't live in a totalitarian state, so they aren't given that particular power.

You know who was able to bring full employment to his country?  Hitler.  Did it increase his popularity?  Among a lot of people, yes.  Of course, from the Careful-what-you-wish-for Department, that also meant a lot of housewives were forced to go out to work at a time when that was not the norm and a lot of kids ended up in the hands of state daycare.  Can I get a "mu-wa-hahahaha" and some ominous music?  Austria was so impressed by the economic turnaround in Germany that they voted Hitler into power there, too.  Leading two countries?  That's right, with votes and not tanks.  The Austrians also received a harsh lesson on "full employment".  Was unemployment an important issue to them?  Yes.  Did fixing it make Chancellor Hitler a great guy?  Time magazine's man of the year.

I feel like I need a shower now.

Wallowing in political muck will do that.  It's like that thing about wrestling with a pig: you end up muddy and the pig enjoys it.  Why does that make me think of Bill Clinton?  I can't recall another public figure I've seen dodge so many allegations in such ridiculous ways and still remain popular.  Well, maybe George Bush.  The first one.  They remind me of the master con artist and the upstart con man characters from "Dirty Rotten Scoundrels", only dangerous and nothing to laugh about.

How does this go on?  How can you be the head of the Senate Ethics Committee without having any?

‎"Different" political parties only exist to manage differing ideas. They put on the show of a struggle, letting people feel they're being heard and represented. Then, bankers win, political pawns get paid off and the people are the ones who've done the work to finance their own defeat.

Try not to let yourself get swept away in all the rhetoric.  They're trying to stir you up with emotional issues.  They're trying to cloud facts.  They're lying to you as surely as a crocodile offering you a ride across a river.  Do your own research.  You may not like what you find and the bad guys aren't always going to get the end they deserve, but it is worth looking even if only to ensure that truth continues to see light.  Then, when your kids or their kids come to you and ask what happened, you'll have some good stories for them.

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