Monday, January 6, 2014

17255--Bad for Business

Almost daily, I hear more about the wonders of hemp. 

It reproduces prolifically, restores the soil, and provides balanced, protein-rich nutrition.  When consumed, it reduces inflammation, restores balance to stressed systems, relieves pain, combats nausea, and its oil even cures cancer.  It can be transformed into anything you need from fabrics to building materials.  Used properly, it even helps the economy.  Apparently, the miracle plant is our real-life equivalent of the shmoo.
If the shmoo fits...
Despite the wonders it has done, this utopian boon to mankind did itself in back in the 20th century by being so amazing.  Making it even more shmoo-like, it was too big a threat to the financial interests of others who were able to keep its benefits suppressed for a long time.  It was bad for businesses that have proved able to exert tremendous influence around the world while so vilifying hemp in any natural form that crimes related to marijuana and hemp can still carry more severe punishments than for murder.  As the plant's natural benefits appear to far outweigh any of its drawbacks, public and select commercial insistence is slowly producing pressure enough to begin not only acknowledging its many values but rescuing it from the realm of criminality.
The biggest problem I have with this extends back to the government.  There's a shock.  Still, it was through the government that legal and economic terror were begun and waged as warfare with cannabis sativa as the enemy.  The general populace have been victimized by restriction of its use with the poor and minorities being particularly victimized through propaganda and uneven prosecution.

What time is it?

Sorry, that's sort of a trick question because the answer is "It doesn't matter."  That's right, it doesn't matter when.  What 's important to me is what.  The what is that the government structures We the People are allowing to continue with terribly little resistance continue to violate not only laws but our rights both individually and collectively at every level.  What magnitude of evil does it take to watch people die fighting for oil we don't need and taking pharmaceuticals that could be easily replaced and suffering from cancers that could be cured without crippling medical expenses?  Outrage seems too feeble a response to ongoing administrative trickery, not only over keeping hemp at a tantalizing distance but the entire pretense supporting the illegal overreach of federal authority.  We can't continue to allow decisions to be made for us and punishments to be brought down upon us by those don't have our best interests at heart, driven instead by avarice and lust for power.

"We have met the enemy and he is us." -- Pogo

I'm pissed off about it.  I'm not mad at you.  Whether you choose to be upset over this or not is your right.  You're a free person.  I'll continue to regard you as one no matter what the criminal elements in government seek to change.  And, yes, that was "elements" not "elephants".  I don't blame a particular political party for the problems in government.  I choose to hold accountable every employee in government.  That includes the bad ones who choose not to do things the way they're supposed to as well as those who may do what they're supposed to do, but stop short of opposing the festering corruption around them.  They've sworn oaths that they've chosen not to uphold.

Instead, they've decided to be very well paid by agents of the vastly wealthy to do what they are told to do by people who are not us.  The masses are targets to be subjugated by whatever means necessary.  Watch the increasing levels of blatant disregard for human rights by financial institutions, the federal government, and law enforcement agents.  The United States of America recently earned the distinction of being voted the world's greatest threat to peace.  Sixty-eight governments were involved in the voting.  A lot of those votes came from our allies.

Of course, if you took the vote among just the people in this country, I think the USA would still have a good shot at winning, especially since the money masters like to stay behind the curtains.

Remember the French Revolution, though: no trials, short jail stays, lots of heads...

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