Tuesday, April 19, 2011

16262--Fire is Hot

Society is a lie.  More accurately, society is a collection of lies.  Whether it's manifest through business, politics or the multitude of other social functions.  Many of the things you read about in history are lies.  Advertising is full of lies.  Politicians lie.  Scientists lie.  Not all babies are cute.  Certainly, not all children are special.  We are not all equal, despite everyone generally looking alike.  I'm not going to accept a lot of inane arguing on this.  The differences that exist from person-to-person range from molecular to inches.  Get a little altitude, not a lot, look down on the crowd below and try to pick out Waldo.  Nope, they all look alike.  Go high enough and they all look like ants.  Genetic material is quite finite, so you're only going to get so much variety.

Nature is honest, that's why.  Fire is hot.  Water is wet.  Go ahead and check.  Natural selection works hand-in-hand with survival of the fittest.  They've worked to thin herds for eons.  Society is the new kid on the block that breeds in weakness and feeds on the stupid.

Trust me.  I write fiction.  Of course, I also don't drink, smoke or mistreat women.  I suppose that's not so much a lie as going against some of the traditional characteristics society has come to promote for writers.  Going against type, swimming against the stream of society's conventional consciousness, therefore, serves as a path to the truth.

So, strip away the clutter and trappings of a thing to find its essence, its nature.  For good or ill, find that truth and embrace it for what it is and live with that.


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