Monday, September 30, 2013


Through fire is the will of the maker enforced, shaping the metal into a blade of dangerous intent.  Rhythmic hammer blows may be accompanied by chant or incantation or blessing to infuse the newly crafted weapon with specific magic or other supernatural purpose, especially if hands beyond those of mortals are involved.  Air is breathed into the forge, fueling the flame and infusing the weapon with spirit.

And make no mistake, it is a weapon.  Call it nothing less.  It is no mere tool, brought into being for myriad function and adapted to combat.  The sword is a weapon, decisive and fearsome, edged for cutting and pointed for stabbing.  It is the one and only thing it was created to be.  The metal of the blade is chosen for its strength so that it may easily destroy tender, yielding flesh.  For thousands of years, man has been resigned to fighting his own kind.

Water is introduced to the fusion of elements, tempering the blade against stress with the fluid's cooling stability.  In its own ways, water is as mystical as fire and it is a special strength it shares with the sword.

Feared or hated by goblin, demon, shade and beast, whether supernatural or mundane, spawn of the dark or the light, none crave the blade's keen bite.  Inscribed with arcane symbols, imbued with the spirit of its wielder or ornamented with rarest gems, magic will only make the weapon more formidable.  In fact, the most ready counter to any sword, enchanted or otherwise, seems ever to be another sword.

Was your weapon custom-made or forged by means beyond mortal ken, perhaps an immortal's gift from another realm, fat with the weight of its destiny.  Draw forth your terrible blade, polish it bright and let others cringe before its shining menace and feel its awesome power.

Off the top of my head, of the many exotic personal weapons appearing in character hands throughout CHILD OF FIRE AND BLOOD, more than half of them are enchanted swords.  Face it, they're tough to get away from.  Do you have a favorite sword, magic or not, that holds a special place in your psyche?


  1. My personal favorite is my very own sacred butter knife, perfectly balanced and elegantly inscribed along it's ample blade with the joyous mantra: It's Peanut Butter Jelly Time!

    1. Oh, what great power it must possess indeed.