Monday, September 9, 2013

17136--Everyone Makes Mistakes

It's just part of the human condition that everyone makes mistakes.  Since they're made by humans, even machines make mistakes and that includes the machines made by machines because the first machines were still made by humans, anyway.

The deeds of most, for good or ill, can pass harmlessly into memory.  Some people leave big footprints, make larger ripples in the pond, with a greater impact on the world to mark their passing.

Albert Einstein was certain he made a mistake once, but it later turned out that he was mistaken about that, which made him seem even more brilliant about knowing things before everyone else.

Now, Nikola Tesla had some great ideas and did some astounding work.  That man did things a hundred years ago that have defined the lifestyle of our world today.  One of his biggest ambitions was to provide free energy to the public.  Implementing that ambition would've put us on track to living the Star Trek dream of universal abundance.  The roadblock Tesla ran into was that furthering his work cost money.  Securing funding meant working with people who insisted on making unlimited profit when providing power to the people.

Was giving in to them a mistake?  His choice may have helped put us under the thumb of mega corporations and given the bankers another tool to use against us, but I wasn't in his shoes.  He may have had more idealism than wisdom to hook up with his genius, but it seemed to have cost him a great deal.

Which cost all of us a great deal.

What else is there to say?

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