Friday, June 24, 2011

16329--Still Making the Trade

Out and about in Nashville today, I saw a disturbing sight: a white SUV bearing the words "Homeland Security", "Federal" and "Police".  I'm sure this wasn't intended to bother me.  I'm sure the people responsible for the dispatch, etc. of this vehicle would much prefer that I paid no notice to it at all, went on about my business and kept my mouth shut.  I'm not likely to incite any revolutions here, but I still feel compelled to exercise what rights I have left by speaking out while I can.

My problem, for those of you scratching your head, is that the federal government isn't granted police powers by the US Constitution.  No, seeing the SUV driving around didn't make me feel any safer than I did before I saw it.  Instead, it just reminded me that there are people who continue to disregard the rules agreed upon and set down in the Constitution.  They're going to continue trading on public fear, getting people to trade away Freedom for security, overreaching their legislated authorities to implement as much control as they can over the people they're supposed to serve.

We have children failing classes and still being promoted through grades so they won't be "Left Behind", full-body scans at airports, people trying to convince us to get RFID chips stuck into us and troops trickling home from a war we were told was over years ago (there are more of our soldiers deployed now than when Obama took office).  We already have police.  They operate well enough in most municipalities without doublespeaking the public into submissive cooperation and actually answer to the people when called on the carpet.  We need Homeland Security policing us like we need FEMA after a disaster.

That's my opinion and I'm sticking to it.

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