Sunday, July 31, 2011

16366--The Countdown Has Begun

The clock is ticking.  Brick Stone doesn't take a lot of things in Life too seriously.  One thing he does hold dear is his .44 Magnum, so in its honor I've put 44 hours on the big countdown clock.

What're we counting down to?  This time, we're counting down to winning a prize.  To enter yourself to win: leave a comment in answer to the question "What sort of a hero is Brick Stone, anyway?"

Sounds like a contest to me.  Make sure to leave your email address with your comment because the prize is an ebook.

Chosen from among the commenters, some clever soul is going to receive a copy of "The Official Private Eye Handbook".  The countdown ends at midnight on Monday, August 1, so don't dawdle.

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