Friday, December 23, 2011

16509--It's That Time Again

Round and round the calendar goes and here we are again back at another December 23rd.   So?   How can you ask me such a thing?   Look!   See?   No lights on the house! Harken! No songs to be heard! Dust off your aluminum pole and prepare your list of complaints about your loved ones because Festivus is upon us!

Happy Festivus!

Without the hours of stressful, high-pressure preparation that go into more-publicized holidays, I’ll have to wait till tonight to find out what sort of leftovers we decide to throw together at the last minutes before dinner. I’m anticipating a showdown over the very cheesy scalloped potatoes with crumbled bacon that were left from last night’s dinner (obviously, a Festivus miracle for how else could all have been fed such a delicacy and still more remain for another meal?), which means the Feats of Strength may get an early start.

A Festivus for the rest of us!   That has me envisioning the dog staring at me in hopes that I’ll surrender my meatloaf.  Clearly, another Festivus miracle: a sign of the menu.  We’ll see how that works out.  I’m still favored in the Feats of Strength if you want to place bets.  I’ve been working out.

I’ve heard that some people are speculating that the traditional Airing of Grievances may begin to fade away with the increased presence of pervasive social media forums.  I think the tradition will hold its own.  There’s no online forum that can yet compare to a face-to-face confrontation over the dinner table with people you know well.

I’d love to hear about the manifestation of any other Festivus miracles.  Please share them here and I’ll let you know of any others I come across.  I’m all atingle.

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  1. Well, the Festivus Lasagna is cooking :)

    I was a passenger in a speeding vehicle that was ignored by three state troopers.

    Work flew by with few demands and unexpected conveniences.

    Out of the blue, I was given a freshly baked plate of chocolate chip cookies.

    I didn't come home to any news of the kids doing anything ridiculous and my teenage son cleaned his room.

    Festivus is a miraculous time indeed.

    On to the traditions!