Friday, January 20, 2012

16536--Some Things Were Not Meant To Be

Any experienced reader can tell you as readily as any writer that the world of books consists of subdivisions of many genres.  A lot of readers spend their time and energy only on a few genres they love.  Most writers, likewise, keep their focus to only a few specific areas.

I feel pretty confident in declaring that romance is not one of my genres, neither as a reader nor a writer.  The only way I even get close to feeling tears flow is to watch Spock die.  They don't start, but I can feel them getting close.  From the writer's side, I really don't lean toward the hot and steamy in my plotting.  I let my characters have that stuff for their time off my clock.  That may not always be the case.  My storytelling style may yet go through many changes over time.

Among the significant changes we are all experiencing in storytelling exists in the form of this simple blog.  Not only can writers reach out and touch all on their own, but readers can respond in kind.  You see, one of the training tools that one of my better creative writing teachers employed was the critique.  His rules were clear and simple: first, praise; then, pan and offer any suggestions for improvement; lastly, whoever wrote what was being critiqued was to sit still and listen quietly. Were we to ever publish, he said, we wouldn’t be able to run around explaining to every reader what we’d meant to say so we should just listen. Now, though, we still may not be able to handle the actual travel, but we can virtually dialogue with every single reader if we’re so motivated and explain our work and gather feedback.

I find that impressive. It wouldn’t necessarily be productive, but it’s still quite a capability.  I feel I will always welcome feedback, though I don't plan on doing much explaining.  That, I don't think was meant to be.


  1. i miss being critiqued on

    1. Captive audience with immediate feedback...You might need to set up a writing group :)