Monday, June 18, 2012

16685--Putting Things In Perspective

Sometimes putting things in perspective means putting things in their place.  Sometimes it means doing the same with people.

My son was watching a movie and I noted that Comcast was still battling the pixelating image problem that digital TV has had for the past ten years.  To follow that with a brighter note, I also mentioned that Voyager 1 was leaving the Solar System.  It put me in the mindset of thinking about mankind's achievements and the history of the space programs...Star Trek, of course...

"Voyager?" the boy asked from his comfortably reclined position, parked behind his iPod.

A space probe with squat cylindrical body topped by a large parabolic radio antenna dish pointing upwards, a three-element radioisotope thermoelectric generator on a boom extending left, and scientific instruments on a boom extending right. A golden disk is fixed to the body."Yes, Voyager.  Voyager 1.  It's a space probe." 

"It took ten years to get out of the Solar System?" he asked.

"No, of course not.  They launched it in '77.  It's taken thirty-five years to reach the edge," I explained.

"Lame," he proclaimed.  "I could've done it in twenty."

"You've had seventeen and barely made it off the couch," I reminded him.

Because part of being dad is making sure things are put in their places.

With nod to Ms. Rowling, mouth managed.

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