Thursday, December 25, 2014

17609--Do You Get It?

"What'd you get?"

How many Christmases have we heard that question dominate the day?  Sure, there's always a lot of talk about spiritual enlightenment, but we seem to keep falling back into this quagmire of "buying Christmas" and getting stuff.

Whichever side of the line you're on, well, I'm not here to tell you how to live.  People have tried more than enough times to lay out some universal path to happiness.

I say you need to find your own.  It may be a longer journey than walking some prescribed path suggested by another, but it's the one that'll work best for you.

Me?  I don't ask for stuff.  I try to be happy with what I am and what I have.  When I'm not, I work to change it.

We still have war and injustice.  They're part of humanity's path and we may be struggling against them as long as we're around.  We still have love and pain.  Same spiel, though we all experience them to differing degrees.  That's all part of our individual journeys.

I make it a point to get some exercise and plenty of water, eat a three-egg omelet with a pancake, indulge in some chocolate, and write.  Any day with all that has plenty of potential.

Today, was a four-egg omelet day and I'm breathing well.

How're you?

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