Sunday, May 1, 2011

14865-What do you mean I can't have a flying car?

I have dreams. Little black children and little white children playing together? Not those exactly. It's a fine dream, but not one of mine. Mine tend more toward dialogues with dragons, flying through Neverland, unravelling superstrings, monkeying with the relativity of time, rampant gunfire, werewolves, travelling to other worlds, the occasional nuclear explosion, conversations with strangers and reconstructing the unravelled superstring that some bozo (let's not name names) left unravelled. We don't want to leave things needlessly messy, after all.

Anyway, those are a few of the elements, bits and pieces of things that romp through my mind. Some are more random than others. You may get used to it. Some never do. Don't worry about it, I'm used to the strange looks.

Yes, it's the 21st century and I still get strange looks. I'm actually glad that the mavens of political correctness haven't gained such sway that they've gotten rid of those. Hell, if that ever happens, I'll probably think I'm starting to get through to people on a regular basis. We can't have that. Everyone's entitled to some delusions in Life, but c'mon...

As I was saying, it's the 21st century. No, I didn't just wake up and realize that, smarty. I've been aware of it for at least the last few years. What I did realize was that while I do have access to my personal communicator (Santa finally came through on that, though I'm still waiting on the phasers) and a form-fitting, comfy jumpsuit, I don't have a flying car. And before you go acting like I'm behind the times, I already checked and found that no one I know has one either. Now I started to feel a bit ripped-off. You may, too, but a friend of mine reminded me that there are lots of stupid people running loose in the world being aggravating. I think it may have been one of those days when I was yelling, "Thin the herd!" It's not that I don't like people. To the contrary, in my calmer moments, I actually like people. To that end, I also expect a lot from them. Not that I ask people for stuff, I just expect them to do better at living up to their potential. My friends tell me I give the general populace too much credit. If this is true and there are vast numbers of stupid people all around us (certainly none of them being the very bright readers with me now) that we others must endure sharing the days with, then it's good that we don't have flying cars. Too many drivers have a hard enough time with two dimensions, they don't need to deal with a third, especially when it increases the number of people they can take down with them.

Let's face facts, we've got a long way to go before we catch up with our wildest dreams. Truly, we've probably got even further to go before we're ready as people to arrive at our wildest dreams. As long as we're willing to keep driving, I trust that we'll gradually figure out the right direction. Call me an optimist, but part of me even believes that we'll be able to find that out working together.

Thanks for your time.  Even though we keep finding ways to save it, we never seem to have enough.  It remains fleeting and precious and we're always in a hurry.  The only way we ever seem to find any to spare is less.  Sit.  Breathe.


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