Tuesday, November 1, 2011

16457--A Brain Cell's Worth

My wife doesn't usually like to watch Jeopardy! with me.  She definitely doesn't pick Trivial Pursuit for family game nights, assuming it a foregone conclusion that I'll win.  I attribute it to being one of the benefits of being a writer: we accumulate a plethora of...selectively useful information.

She recently found a use for this that made her very happy: using me to help her win at online Jeopardy! and other such games.  Hey, I'll take it.

This Halloween she was lamenting having no idea where to find bits of last year's costume (sexy witch) that she hadn't seen in so long and if only...That's when I found myself walking to a particular cabinet and rummaging about in the back of it to pull out the things she needed.  Her face lit up as I pictured this lone brain cell sitting with this bit of otherwise useless information and being prodded by some other brain cell that was paying more attention ("Hey, don't you know where that is?  That's your thing, right?"  "Huh?  Oh, yeah!  Hey, I know this one!).

For an additional reward, when I drove her to work the next morning, she insisted I go inside with her to the cafeteria to partake in a custom-made omelette from their omelette chef (yeah, rough life).  I had to get it to go, but it was a change from cooking my own at home.  She assured me it was so good that I was going to have to eat it while driving.

Back in the car, though, I kept getting green lights.  Of course.  When I finally did get a red, it was at a corner with a homeless guy selling those homeless newspapers for a dollar.  "Sorry, can't buy a paper.  I'm busy eating."  Mmmm...brain cells rewarded for good work.  Happy brain cells.

Did I feel guilty?  Some people might, but not me.  The brain cells from that department were retasked for math processing, historical and comic book information years ago.  Besides, how guilty could someone feel with omelette-induced endorphins on the move?  If only they'd had some pancakes, too.  *sigh*

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