Saturday, November 15, 2014

17569--Entertainment is for Enjoying

If you're a long-time comic book aficionado and you were watching ARROW this week(11/12/14 "Guilty"), then you likely caught a glimpse of the return of the classic boxing glove arrow, subject of long-running debate.  It gave me a laugh, but I'm still among those who think its unwieldy nature should prohibit its presence in the quiver.  Still, where better to use it than in a story featuring the boxing hero Ted "Wildcat" Grant?
Also good for some laughs was BIG HERO 6.  I haven't read the source material, but the film was fun.  The plot was simple enough to be predictable.  While that doesn't leave you with a lot of surprises, it's still entertaining.  And even though the hero, Jiro, could've and should've used a far more elegant and obvious solution to their supervillain problem (easily cutting down the run time by a third...which also means having to listen to my tactical analysis if you've gone to watch it with me, but if you know me, then you know that's the risk you take in dragging me to a superhero movie), it was still really entertaining.
Don't worry about it.  A lot of people finally started realizing that Indiana Jones serves little purpose in Raiders of the Lost Ark but it's still a very enjoyable film.  Like The Incredibles, you just don't want to go tugging at threads.

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