Monday, November 24, 2014

17578--Are You Responsible?

I say you are.  In fact, if you're reading this, I know you are.

I wanted to make a note to mark today, because after a couple of hundred plus posts since April of 2011 this is the first day that this site has received over a thousand views in a day.  I think I'd personally prefer that the short stories and chapter samplings from my novels were the major draw, but it's mix of those and my ramblings (I guess we can call them articles or just blog posts).  That's fine.  I'm not so picky as to turn away readers.

You probably know this already, but writers love readers.  Tell your friends.  My door's always open.

Yes, I attribute the responsibility, at least in part, to you for coming here to read.  I'm going to write whether people show up or not and I'm not forcing anyone to come look at it.  You chose to come here and love what you read (hey, it's my hypothetical--go with it) and then tell the world about it through retweets and shares and whatever, so the hundreds of thousands of visits that have taken place over the years and continue relentlessly around the clock (go with it) are on you.

Thanks for stopping in, even if it's just to see whether or not I've lost my mind yet.

I'm going to get back to plotting and scheming and stringing words together.

Don't live wanting.  Don't die wondering.

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